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At Atwater Veterinary Center, every person and pet who walks through our doors is treated with respect and loving attention. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible service, and with experience dating to 1969, clients can be sure their pets are being treated by experts. We serve animals of all kinds and specialize in a range of treatments -- dental, surgical, preventative, and general medicine are all taken care of by our well-trained staff. Each patient we see means the world to us, and we’re honored to be Atwater’s choice to protect and care for your furry friends.
Atwater Veterinary Center
Atwater Veterinary Center3 days ago
Head over to our website, to learn more about the range of services we offer! From medical, surgical, and dental care to IVF and ultrasounds, vaccines, spaying and neutering -- we've got all your animal needs covered. #AtwaterVeterinaryCenter #AnimalCare
Atwater Veterinary Center
Atwater Veterinary Center6 days ago
Are you a busy individual who hasn't been able to take your pet for veterinary visits? Our team has got your back! We offer home visit services to make life easier for you and your pets. Make your appointments easily through our Pet Desk app! #AtwaterVeterinaryCenter #PetCare
Atwater Veterinary Center
Atwater Veterinary Center1 week ago
We understand our clients lead busy lives. That's why we offer home visits because we're dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pets. Choose Atwater-Merced Veterinary Clinics for your pet's health needs.
Atwater Veterinary Center
Atwater Veterinary Center2 weeks ago
Our caring, experienced, well-educated doctors cover a wide array of treatments, including dental care, surgical, IVF, ultrasounds, vaccines, spay and neuter, preventative care, etc. We focus on patient safety, attentive pain control and employing the most current surgical practices designed to exceed your expectations and put your concerns to rest! #PreventativeCare
Atwater Veterinary Center
Atwater Veterinary Center2 weeks ago
Prolonged Farrowing-
Fortunately for most production pigs, there are low chances of difficult farrowing, but for those who are breeding pot belly or mini pigs, it is advised to watch them a little more closely around the expected birth date. This is due to the size differences of the vaginal canal of larger gilts/sows versus their smaller, more compact counterparts. For swine, the average gestation period is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days which averages out to 115 days.

While pigs may not have as many instances of difficult farrowing, you do have to watch mothers around the piglets because they can have more aggression towards their offspring. Having clean, appropriately sized farrowing crates is highly advised for production pigs because they have “wings” that allow the piglets to get away from the mother to avoid being crushed or bit. For mini or potbelly pigs please provide a small quiet area for the birth and monitor the mother with the offspring closely and intervene if necessary.

Signs your sow/gilt should be seen by a veterinarian:
• Gestation exceeding 116 days
• Off feed
• Blood-tinged fluid or meconium
• Straining without delivery of piglets
• Time between piglets is over an hour and the abdomen is still distended or the pig is still straining
• Foul-smelling brown/gray discharge
• Reddening of the sow’s eyes
• Exhaustion after prolonged labor
• Sow distress- rapid breathing, weakness, inability to stand
• Prolapse (where the uterus turns inside out and hangs out of the body)
• Hemorrhage (Excessive bleeding)

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Atwater Veterinary Center
Atwater Veterinary Center2 weeks ago
At Atwater-Merced Veterinary Clinics, your feedback is what keeps us going. We're grateful for the trust you place in us for your pet's health. Keep sharing your experiences and leave your queries at our website,
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